• ——VIRTEX——

VIRTEX is a WhatsApp bomb (whether you are shocked or bombarded by hearing the bomb), it is a full character contact. Now, let’s see how it works. This bomb has a lot of character and if we send it to someone in WhatsApp, their WhatsApp Cuttack will hang because the WhatsApp saver is not able to read the entire set of parameters quickly. Now let’s see how we can make it,

1)install termux app
(Now type the following commands)
2) $apt install git
3) $apt install ruby
5) $apt install curl
6) $git clone https://github.com/muhammadfathul/VIRTEX

(The materials for making WhatsApp bombshell are available directly in Termix via this link)

4) $cd VURTEX

This is the command to open the VIRTEX folder at the link)

5) *$chmod +x **
(This command is used to grant permission to run the files in the VIRTEX folder)
6) $sh virtex.sh or sh v.sh
  • (By issuing this command you will run the WhatsApp Bomb Tool)
  • Now select the bomb number you want and then type the following commands
  • Choose a new session and type the following

Now you can see the text of the WhatsApp bomb you downloaded

(Eg:-  virtex24.txt)

Now to convert that file to our storage, hit the following command

$cp -f (file name) /sdcard

When bracketing the file name, no bracket

Now that it’s in your storage, you can open it in any file explorer and open the text and copy the full character. And then when you create a new contact, paste each character in the every part of it

The more times you have to paste, the more power you have to paste it

The following is a video on how to make bomb using this file

Let’s enjoy 🥳🤩

~(If you make a bomb with this VIRTEX and use it for Personnel Challenge or any other issue, I am not responsible for this.) ~

Constribution :- safwanMusthfa (CYBRER-JEEVI👹)


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