Definition: Hacking is the attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network within a computer. Simply put, this is unauthorized access or control to computer network security systems for some illegal purpose.

Description: To best describe hacking, you need to understand hackers first. One can easily assume that they are intelligent and highly skilled at computers. In fact, breaking a security system requires more intelligence and expertise than actually creating one. There are no hard and fast rules, so that hackers can be divided into clean compartments. However, in general computer language, we call them white hats, black hats, gray hats. White hat professionals hack to check their own security systems to make it more hack-proof. In most cases, they are part of the same organization. Black hat hackers hack to take control of the system for personal gain. They can prevent, steal, and prevent authorized users from accessing the system. They do this by identifying loopholes and weaknesses in the system. Some computer experts call them crackers instead of hackers. Gray hat hackers are curious people with enough computer language skills to enable them to hack a system to detect loopholes in the network security system. Gray hats are different from black hats, the former network’s system administrator notifies the weaknesses found in the system, while the latter looks only for personal gains. All sorts of hacking is considered illegal by the White Hat hackers.

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