This tool is used mostly for cloning websites. Often when we use phishing, the URL that comes in will be the SERVER URL (eg and our VICTIM will understand that this is phishing. and we can build the same website as a clone domain …… for that Using the Tool ……….

With this tool we can clone any domain from any website ….

For example, here I am giving you …. if we do a Google search, we are actually redirecting the Facebook website lot ….

But using Homo Graphic technology we have here with this tool called evil url http: //fаϲеbоо is actually a cloning of Facebook. Just post it and we can design our website the way we like it …… ie whomever we intend to hack, he thinks it is actually Facebook …………..

Let us start installing the tool


git clone


cd EvilURL


Live Chat

There you can see INSERT NAME. Enter the NAME you intend to clone the domain (Eg-facebook)

Below you will find the INSERT domain. What domain is it (Eg- .com or .in)

Watch the video below to see how to set it up with this tool

[wplc_live_chat style=”undefined”]


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