T-bomb tool in Termux is a prank tool that helps us send OTP messages.

This tool can be installed very easily in Termux

How To Install T-Bomb in Termux

(1) apt update && apt upgrade
(2) pkg install python2
(3) pkg install git
(4) git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb
(5) ls
(6) cd TBomb
(7) ls
(8) bash TBomb.sh

Then hit enter  Do whatever type of bombing it does in its options

Then type the country code

 Then type the victim number and hit Enter

Then the verification link will be asked  For that, go to the link provided and browse

Click on “I AM Not a ROBOT” captcha and hit continue

Open the next page and wait 15 seconds for it to get a verification link

If you hit Enter, the victim will start to get messages

Article by :-

Constribution – washeem hasheesh (Mr lolan)


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